AT&T® Adds NFL Network to DIRECTV NOW’s Roster of Channels

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If you are a fan of American Football, who has subscribed to the DIRECTV NOW® “Just Right” pack or any of their higher packages, you will be glad to hear that the best internet provider, AT&T®, has added NFL Network to the subscription TV streaming service’s list of channels. NFL Network is available on DIRECTV NOW® at no additional charge to the eligible subscribers, who pay for premium packages. DIRECTV NOW® has mentioned that subscribers are eligible to access the NFL Network for free as long as they have “Just Right” package or above.

NFL Network is the only network that is fully devoted to the coverage of National Football League, one of the most popular sports league in the United States. The network brings audiences not only the NFL coverage for twenty-four hours per day and seven days a week, but also preseason games, Thursday Night Football, and inside access to the league events. The events comprise the NFL Super Bowl, induction weekend of Pro Football Hall of Fame, NFL Pro Bowl, NFL Draft, NFL Scouting, and the football training camps.

NFL Network will offer this year’s preseason coverage, airing the entire sixty-five games preseason of the National Football League, which will be highlighted by live broadcasts of fifteen games. The live preseason games on NFL Network will kick off with the match between New York Giants and Cleveland Browns at 07:00 pm ET on August 09, 2018. On the other hand, the full season of the football league is set to start in September.

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For an uninitiated, football in the United States is not the European football; that sport is called “soccer” in the US. The American Football is similar to rugby, although both have differences in rules. Alongside events, games, analysis and coverage, the NFL Network delivers American Football fans interviews, analysis and documentary shows devoted to the sport. Thus, you can dwell deep into the popular sport in America.

Besides, several other exclusives will be televised in the network, so DIRECTV NOW® subs can wait for the build-up shows to games and so forth. What’s more, the fastest internet provider has announced that the customers of their streaming TV service will be able to access the network via the Watch NFL Network. That network is available on NFL application and website across internet-connected mobile devices and TV sets.

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