AT&T® Announce Plans to Acquire AlienVault by Q3 of 2018

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After the acquisition of Time Warner®, the Dallas-based Telco AT&T® announced their plans to acquire more companies to strengthen their advertisement platform and media business. Recently, AT&T® officials said that they are planning to buy the cyber security company named AlienVault. The financial terms of the forthcoming acquisition are yet to be revealed by the Telco giant, but they are expecting to close the deal by the 3rd quarter of this year.

AlienVault is renowned for the threat intelligence platform titled “Open Threat Exchange” and other services that are used to detect and respond to security threats. AlienVault has reportedly sourced close to $120 million through venture funding, with $52 million raised in its final phase in 2015. The company was previously moving toward an IPO, but it seems that that option is off the radar since AT&T® has made their intention to absorb them.

Once the deal goes through, AT&T® plans to keep investing in and expanding on the main platforms of AlienVault, and integrate the technology into their own managed cyber security solutions. Generally, the outcome of such kind of an acquisition will promote rivalry among security vendors that cater to both enterprises and small and midsize businesses or SMBs.

“AlienVault’s expertise in threat intelligence will improve our ability to help organizations detect and respond to cyber security attacks,” said Thaddeus Arroyo, the CEO of AT&T® Business Solutions. “Together, with our enterprise-grade detection, response and remediation capabilities, we’re providing scalable, intelligent, affordable security for business customers of all sizes.”

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AT&T® has been on an acquisition spree since the big spending this summer. Other than the Time Warner® deal, the fastest internet provider has announced their plans to acquire the online advertising company AppNexus to build bolster their ad platform. Once that acquisition goes through, AT&T® will have control of a platform that marketers use to purchase ad space from online publishers.

The imminent AT&T®-AppNexus deal indicates that the Telco wants to compete for ad space against Google and Facebook, the two tech scions that publish advertisements online. The acquisitions and mergers is a trend common among technology companies based in California and Silicon Valley. Guess where AT&T® is aiming at – AlienVault based in San Mateo, CA.

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