AT&T® Expects to Deploy AirGig Commercially in 2021

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AT&T® expects that AirGig, its technology for piggybacking speedy data links on electric lines, will come in 2021. This will potentially improve broadband in locations where it is not economical to lay fiber optic cables.

The AirGig technology does not connect directly to residences. Instead, the technology sends data moving along from an electric pole to another, so it can travel across comparatively long distances. For that communication link to a residence, the Dallas-based telecommunications company will use standard wireless equipment such as mobile 5G networks.

“We’re aiming to be ready to deploy it commercially in the 2021 timeframe,” Mark Evans, an AirGig team director, said at the event titled AT&T® Spark. He cautioned that its timing could change though. “It could be things go swimmingly and we could move that date in.”

The technology of the Telco has the scope to ensure that it is not just people in densely populated locations, such as San Francisco and NYC, who receive the latest services. Although AirGig will not reach out to everywhere, it could help bring data to millions of people, including those in rural and suburban areas.

The fastest internet provider launched the technology a couple of years ago, and started trialing it with Georgia Power last year. As per the VP of Converged Access and Device Technology at AT&T®, Gordon Mansfield, they have began working with manufacturers of equipment to build more sophisticated hardware for a fresh round of AirGig trials, which will likely take place in 2019.

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It is unclear as to where the Telco and its collaborators will find it economical to deploy the technology, but the CEO of Georgia Power Paul Bowers said that it could reach out to “almost everywhere in our state” as well as “usher in a new era of connectivity for millions of customers.” However, Mansfield said that it would send data along electrical lines at multiple Gbps to power wireless links to residences that work at hundreds of Mbps, or possibly more.

AT&T® has been reluctant to reveal more details about the technology but shared more at the event held in San Francisco with its initial public demo on a couple of small electric poles. In the demo, the company sent live video from one pole to the other using AirGig’s sample hardware.

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