AT&T® Joins Hands with Samsung for the 5G Trials in South Bend

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As per reports, AT&T’s ongoing 5G trial in Indiana’s South Bend city is being supported by Samsung’s technologies. As part of the fixed wireless trail, the Seoul-based conglomerate provides the Dallas-based telecommunications company radio access units, 5G routers, 5G RFIC chipset, vRAN, and virtualized core.

The President of Technology and Operations at AT&T®, Melissa Arnoldi, recently revealed some key details of the 5G test in South Bend highlighting the experiences of a participant family, which is that of Rebecca Rubbelke. The participant family in AT&T’s 5G trail has seen wireless speeds of 1 gigabits per second and a latency rate of less than twenty milliseconds, which allowed them to video chat without apparent buffering.

Moreover, the fastest internet provider launched a speedy internet service in the city powered by their fiber network. “South Bend is a great example of the power of connectivity for spurring growth and economic development,” said AT&T’s President for Indiana, Bill Soards. “Our fiber expansions across the nation will help allow AT&T® to achieve its plans to be the first U.S. carrier to provide mobile 5G service, which we plan to begin introducing in 12 cities by the end of this year… We’re thrilled South Bend was chosen as one of four cities nationwide where AT&T® is currently doing a fixed 5G trial.”

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In 2017, AT&T® announced that it was working with Nokia, Intel, Ericsson, and Samsung as part of expanding their fixed wireless 5G trails to 3 more US cities namely South Bend, Kalamazoo, and Waco. AT&T® plans to be US’s first carrier to deploy 5G mobile services to subscribers in select cities, comprising parts of Waco, Dallas, and Atlanta, by this year.

Samsung is also teaming up with Verizon® for the carrier’s plans to launch 5G services commercially in Sacramento market in the second half of this year. The executives of the two companies said that their mmWave deployments have turned out to be better than what they had anticipated. They said that it has been delivering signals into buildings without getting hindered by obstacles to line of sight communication, such as foliage of trees in the surrounding areas where the fixed wireless network is located. The 5G trails of AT&T® also involve the use of mmWave spectrum.

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