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AT&T is the last member to take part in the war of unlimited data plans that recently stirred up mobile service providers in the US. AT&T is following the competitors T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint, in letting the users sign up for unlimited data plans.

Experts say that this is not the first unlimited plan from AT&T. They previously offered the customers of either Direct TV or DirecTV U-Verse with the option to sign up for unlimited data plans. However, this is now effectively waived for all the subscribers of AT&T and DirecTV packages. Yet experts believe that the offer will not be an appealing one for the mobile users, as there are many new options available for them already.

The latest unlimited plan from AT&T is priced at hundred dollars a month for single line. If the user needs extra lines, he or she will have to pay an extra forty dollars for each of the additional lines. In addition, a user can have only up to four additional lines.

For customers who need four lines, AT&T charges 180 dollars and this include a forty-dollar credit that will take effect after 2 months, meaning that the user will need to pay 220 dollars in the first two months of signup. It is also reported that the business customers will be able to sign up for the unlimited plans to take advantages of corporate discounts.

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As per the AT&T executives, the plan includes unlimited calls between the US, Mexico, and Canada. The plan also offer unlimited texting service to 120 plus countries. Subscribers will also be able to add Roam North America feature for no additional charges. This feature will allow subscribers to use text, voice and data while in Mexico and Canada.

However, there are some important catches in the offer as well. For instance, AT&T said that they have the right to decrease the network speeds after the consumption of the first 22 GB of data. Moreover, the plan does not include hotspot data, which is offered by the competitors.

The unlimited plan also offers AT&T Stream Saver that is activated by default. This setting limits the video resolution to below HD so the users may need to turn off the feature before watching videos on smartphones.

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