AT&T Makes Changes To Its Broadband Deals

AT&T Internet Plans
AT&T Internet Deals

AT&T has been making some changes to the internet packages it is offering, some of them set to affect broadband users everywhere. Beginning in May, customers of the U-verse service can use more data on their fixed, residential connections before they hit the data caps, and based on the speed tier they choose, the new caps will range from 300 GB a month to 1 TB a month. Generally, this means that faster plans will provide more value if you make larger monthly allotments.

Going over the cap can cost you much the same as with cell-phone data. If you exceed the limit, it is another $10 a month, although that also brings an additional 50 GB you can use. Go past that as well, and you will get another $10 overage fee and so one. AT&T’s numbers on broadband use show that on average, residential internet subscribers run through 100 GB of data each month, and current usage habits show that about 4 percent of customers exceed the cap on their plans.

Now, there are two ways to escape the caps: pay another $30 and move to an “unlimited plan”, or get a double play package comprising one of the AT&T internet plans and either of DirecTV or U-verse. Admittedly, it is one of the ways the telecom giant is driving customers to its pay-TV products, and a great way to leverage its fairly recent acquisition, DirecTV. AT&T’s cellular plans ha the same clause going: getting DirecTV or U-verse TV would bring you unlimited data.

AT&T Deals
AT&T Home Internet

AT&T is driven by a longer-term strategy as a provider with a foot each in the telecom and TV industries. Their programs hint at a similarly derived approach, with one experiment offering discounts to customers of home internet service if they are willing to hand over browsing and usage details, which would then be used to tailor advertisements to relevancy. However, this may not go on as long as the provider wants, with federal regulators seeking to determine new rules to apply to ISPs.

That aside, AT&T is a perfect example in how a phone company attempts to fit into an increasingly video and data driven market. The data cap announcement no doubt has something to do with that. They have also put up free tools to gauge and manage internet usage on the official website, which will be available for consumer use May 23 onwards.

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