AT&T® Offer Internet Service to Rural Areas of the Dorchester County

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Internet Service To Rural Areas

Looking up at the latest happenings, browsing social media, or studying for school from a smartphone or a home PC will no longer be a dream for many people from the rural Dorchester County. Accessing internet in their home computer or phone has become a reality for many who previously found themselves driving to Summerville or visiting a library to have internet access, as AT&T® is offering their internet service to the residents of the county thereby setting a good example for the other Internet providers in the area.

“People who weren’t able to…can now do all that kind of stuff,” said Jack Mitchell, who is the regional director of external affairs for AT&T® South Carolina. This is happy news for at least two thousand people who reside in and around St. George town. Mitchell said that AT&T® installed a Wi-Fi transmitter on their tower in St. George town in summer. Mitchell and local officials like St. George Mayor Anne Johnston, State Sen. John Matthews, and S.C. Rep. Patsy Knight gathered for the official announcement and a ribbon-cutting event.

Fastest Internet Provider
High Speed Internet Services

Officials from AT&T® explained the working of the new service and showed off the tower. The transmitter from AT&T®, the fastest internet provider in the county, offers internet access to many people living in underserved areas of the county. The transmitter is capable of emitting wireless signals within a radius of five miles, added Mitchell. This service claims to offer a minimum speed of 10 Mbps and some of the users might receive speeds of up to 25 or 30 Mbps. “This is for folks in the rural community where there is no infrastructure,” Mitchell said.

Johnston said that her town is no more than half smiles with about 2,184 residents. This makes the technology, much crucial. “Ever since I’ve been mayor, one thing I’ve heard over and over is, ‘Please get new Internet service,’” Johnston said. “(I get) calls everyday—‘Why can’t we get the Internet where we are?’” she said. “Well, here’s the beginning.”

In the opinion of Matthews, the addition of the latest technology to the northwestern parts of the county will help the community draw in more and more residents thereby leading to a growth in the economy of the county. “Technology is a great divider in the 21st century,” he said. “It’s going to determine whether your community is economically successful or whether it’s a (failure) so bringing this broadband and technology to our community should help us grow our economy. People who want to move in a rural community and still do their business can now do (it) because you can work—if you’ve got access to technology—you can work from anywhere.”

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