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AT&T is offering free movie tickets for its postpaid wireless customers in association with AMC Theatres and Regal Entertainment Group. The new AT&T program, named “Thanks”, provides one free movie ticket when you buy one on Tuesday movies, after validating your cell phone number on Ticket Twosdays page. This way, you can get one free ticket every week.

“We’re thankful for you being our customer, and to show our gratitude, we’re giving you some tokens of our appreciation. AT&T is rewarding customers with free movie tickets through AT&T THANKS – an appreciation program that does what other carriers can’t,” AT&T said in a press release.

The Thanks program will be further extended in time to limited-time benefits like device and accessory perks, private offers, and data giveaways. The plan will also include presale tickets for some live concerts for its subscribers. Marketing chief for AT&T’s entertainment division, David Christopher said that “the relationship we have with our customers will get better and better, with exciting ways for us to show our appreciation.”

The Ticket Twosdays offer will be promoted in National CineMedia’s “FirstLook” pre-show program in participating theaters and AT&T branding throughout the show on Tuesdays. The offer will also be featured on NCM’s Lobby Entertainment Network and on concessions products in participating theaters.

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This program is only for its postpaid wireless customers and not available to prepaid brand Cricket, AT&T prepaid GoPhone, or Data Only subscribers, and AT&T employees. The tickets are available only for 2D movies and will be available “while supplies last.” There is also a chance that this program won’t be lasting for a long time, or will be replaced by some other.

The AT&T Thanks program is hoping to avoid the issues faced by its rival T-Mobile. T-Mobile giveaway included movie tickets, free pizzas from Dominos, and Lyft rides without any additional purchase. However, a smart phone app is necessary to get T-Mobile offers and some problem in the servers prevented customers from accessing the app on the first week of launching the program.

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