AT&T Offers High School Students A Chance To Develop Socially Conscious Games

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High School Game Jam

The Queen City High School Game Jam, held at Buffalo Game Space, was an absolute treat for tech-oriented high school students. Amateur and professional gamers, computer programmers, musicians, artists, and many other local professionals attended the exciting event. The gamers helped more than 40 high school students to enter into the world of game production and development.

The event was organized by a several major organizations including AT&T, InfoTech WNY, WNY STEM Hub, and Buffalo Game Space. However, it had a greater focus than game development. This program aimed at providing the participants a wider knowledge on technology, which they might use in their STEM career path. The games were also developed by keeping a ‘social good’ angle in mind.

Students who attended the event were given a 24-hour timeframe to develop socially conscious games. However, professional game developers extended their help to these high school students. Furthermore, the required tech resources were also supplied to them and the games were jam free. The students from City Honors School, Hutchinson Central Technical High School, and Wellsville High School were some of the participants who attended the event.

AT&T, New York president, Marissa Shorenstein said, “AT&T is proud to have collaborate with these dynamic organizations to develop and support this innovative experience for students as it further enhances our commitment to providing resources for STEM-related educational programming throughout Western New York. Our economy continues to transform at a robust pace – requiring a workforce with a focus on technological education and literacy – and STEM focused programs like this one are vital to ensure that the students of today are equipped to compete in the global innovation economy of tomorrow.”

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Socially Conscious Games

Buffalo Game Space President, John Futscher added, “This provided a great opportunity for these students who might not normally have the resources or opportunity to learn how to develop a game, gain valuable skills or access to high-end equipment. Game development is a huge and growing industry. By offering this opportunity and benefits to students who can’t acquire them on their own, we’re helping them gain the knowledge needed to begin a future in one of the world’s largest technology sectors.”

Dr. Michelle Kavanaugh, president of WNY STEM said, “While introducing girls to coding this summer through the AT&T powered it’s Your World! Develop It! project, we noticed that game development was high on their list of motivating coding projects. We are fortunate to be able to extend their experience at this game jam and the girls are excited to take part.”

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