AT&T® Opens its First Pop-Up Outlet in West Dallas

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AT&T® recently launched a store that uses less space compared to traditional shops and is designed like a pop-up retail. The Telco giant’s first pop-up store, which is situated in West Dallas’s Sylvan | Thirty site, takes cues from that of Amazon® and Google’s parent company. “It’s part of our growth strategy,” said Ray Aguirre, the AVP of Retail Sales and Distribution at AT&T®. “Pop-up, for us, is very attractive because it gives us speed to market in a very cost efficient way.”

The retail remains an important part of AT&T’s business strategy. There are only a few gadgets displayed in the store, but the best internet provider has ensured that customers get to find what they require prior to buying a product. “If we’ve got a distribution gap, for example, this kind of format is attractive. We can get in, we can test, we can learn, we can understand if there is demand,” Aguirre said. He also pointed out that the business has been good since the opening of the pop-up store in West Dallas.

The total size of the AT&T® outlet is close to 1000 square feet, which is in contrast to their flagship store in Chicago. The size of traditional outlets is around 3000 to 5000 square feet, but a pop-up store is easy to assemble and gives cost benefits to businesses. That also means, in addition to less number of iPads and other digital devices, the number of staff is also adequate in AT&T’s pop-up store.

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The new pop-up retail is owned by AT&T®, but the company representatives have indicated that it is planning to work with authorized retailers for identifying growth prospects. Aguirre said that it is possible that this kind of store could suggest AT&T’s approach toward its traditional outlets.

The outlet of AT&T® in West Dallas is an example of utilizing available space, which is evident in the way shelves displaying products sit on wheels making it easy to show products to customers. “Our pop-up stores should have the flexibility to serve a community for as long as there is sufficient demand,” AT&T® officials said. “We want to meet our customers where they are, so a given store could stay for years or we can move it to another nearby location, depending on need.”

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