AT&T® Plans to Expand Mobile 5G Network to North Carolina Cities

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Expanding 5G Network

The gen-next mobile network is going to come to Charlotte and Raleigh in 2018. The fastest internet provider, AT&T®, announced that it has added the cities in North Carolina to the first expansion plans of the 5G mobile network. Oklahoma is also going to get the next-gen network and joins Dallas, Waco, Atlanta, and Texas to have been part of AT&T’s build-out plans.

The AT&T® executives, comprising their President of Technology and Operations Melissa Arnoldi, promise that the build-out project will prove to be “more than just a better network.” The company representatives feel that the technology will actually support use cases in other fields, notably the automobile industry’s plan to debut driverless vehicles.

The 5G plans promise improvements in bandwidth and speed that, similarly to precursors to 5G, will move more data over the ether. Having said that, the Telco says that supporting electronics must react quickly than current networks when required to transfer data. That is to facilitate the development of on-demand apps like those that support driverless cars navigate roads.

AT&T® is one of the many carriers planning to deploy mobile 5G this year, but they are the first to publicly comprise the cities in North Carolina in the build-out plans for the short-term. Some of the company’s rivals have focused on West Coast or bigger markets such as NYC and Dallas.

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In the announcement, AT&T® said that they are attempting to “launch with a mix of big and mid-sized cities.” The market choices of AT&T® overlap with the tech centers to have figured in many a business recruiting drive. For instance, Dallas, Raleigh, and Dallas are in the mix for being the second headquarters of Amazon and also figured in proposed areas to host the new HQ of the US Army. That is known as the Army Futures Command, which is now reportedly set to be based in Texas’s Austin.

Qualcomm is designing backend hardware for new networks and, much like AT&T®, has been part of the wireless standards-setting process of 3GPP, which is a global consortium that made member companies sign a set of standards, which each player in the wireless segment would have to follow while designing software and hardware for 5G networks. The internet service provider AT&T® is one of many cellular carriers planning to deploy 5G mobile.

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