AT&T Plans To Expand Ultra Fast Internet To 11 More Metros

AT&T Internet Plans
Ultra Fast Internet

AT&T plans to connect, apartments, small businesses, and homes in 11 new metros to their 1 Gigabit internet connection. This expansion is part of the newly made AT&T Fiber umbrella brand, under which, they plan to bring their Ultra Fast internet service to at least 67 metros. Reports say that AT&T is targeting to serve at least 45 metros by the end of the year.

The Ultra Fast internet service is already launched in areas of 29 of the largest metro areas in the country. This service is marketed to more than three million locations now, out of which, over 500,000 accounts to condominiums and apartments. It is believed that AT&T is on track to exceed their target of 12.5 million locations planned by 2019.

The eleven mew metros where the service is planned to launch are:

  • Georgia: Columbus
  • Florida: Gainesville and Panama City
  • Kentucky: Central Kentucky
  • Mississippi: Biloxi-Gulfport and Northeast Mississippi
  • Louisiana: Lafayette
  • Tennessee: Southeastern Tennessee and Knoxville
  • North Carolina: Wilmington
  • Texas: Corpus Christi
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David Christopher, chief marketing officer for AT&T Entertainment Group said that, “Customer demand for high-speed connectivity is exceeding even our high expectations. We’re also introducing the AT&T Fiber umbrella brand, which lets us bring ultra-fast internet to even more residential and business customers through a mix of the latest network technologies.”

Almost three years ago, AT&T successfully launched their 100% fiber network in the metro areas of Austin. After the launch, there was a major expansion announcing plans in 2014 to deliver their services to 25 major metros. In 2015, they announced plans to extend the availability of their high-speed internet to at least 56 metros in total.

AT&T has connected more than a million incremental business user locations to their fiber network since 2012. With internet speed that is 20 times faster than the average cable speeds, users can download 25 songs in just a second or a 90-minute HD movie in less than 34 seconds.

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