AT&T® Plans to Make an Additional 2 Billion Dollar Investment into FirstNet

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AT&T®, who is the fastest internet provider in several parts of the United States, recently announced that they would be investing an additional 2 billion dollars for FirstNet. The officials from the telecom company stated that the investment is to facilitate the rural deployment of the dedicated public safety network.

The chief executive of AT&T® Communications, John Donovan, added that the company is hopeful that a number of public safety agencies in the country will be subscribing to the new network within six months or so. AT&T® had already invested $40 billion into FirstNet network when it was first selected as the vendor of the federal government for a nationwide public-safety broadband network.

The officials from AT&T® said that the additional 2 billion dollars invested by them would be used for building the dedicated public safety spectrum, Band 14. FirstNet network will be operating on this public safety spectrum in rural and other parts of the country with less coverage.

In a recent announcement, a FirstNet spokesperson said, “FirstNet is being built through an innovative public-private partnership. Our partner has committed to investing in this network for public safety, with a focus on rural areas, and evolving it to meet public safety’s needs. We are pleased to see that AT&T® is moving quickly to accelerate the deployment of public safety’s network; it is a win-win for first responders and the communities they serve.”

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Donovan hinted that the FirstNet network gives AT&T® a chance to take back some of their commercial markets in the rural parts of the country. “If you look at where T-Mobile® in wireless and Verizon® in wireless are succeeding, they are polar opposites — T-Mobile® much more urban, Verizon® much more rural. FirstNet gives us a great opportunity to go into the rural markets,” he said. “Not only will we be building the network for first responders, it dawned on us that we should also be putting up stores and going after the consumers.”

Randall Stephenson, who is the CEO of the fastest internet provider said, “So, we’re going to touch the cell sites one time to deploy FirstNet, to deploy LTE evolution and to deploy 5G. [As] you put all this together, it’s a very robust plan over the next two to three years to put all this in place, and all of it rolls together.”

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