AT&T® Time Warner® Merger Can Be Dangerous

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AT&T®-Time Warner® Merger

Media experts claim that after the several months of President Trump in office, corporate media tycoons like CNN and New York Times have become much biased to him. The power of these giants might only increase under the pending merger between AT&T® and Time Warner®, which is the parent company of CNN.

Last year, President Trump said that the merger would put “too much concentration of power in the hands of too few” and had promised to block the deal. However, little attention is now paid to this merger, which would make these media conglomerates much bigger.

Many grassroot conservatives and small cable providers warned about the dangers of the merger due to the concentration of the power, as these companies already have much influence and power in the market, and the merger would raise much concerns. Time Warner® owns the best cable networks like HBO, which is also the second biggest movie studio in Hollywood and other popular cable networks like TNT and TBS, apart from CNN.

Meanwhile, the buyout of DirecTV® by AT&T® has made it the biggest TV provider in the United States. Experts say that together with its wired internet business and 134 million cell phone users, AT&T® and Time Warner® should not join hands.

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On the other hand, AT&T® and Time Warner® officials claim that the merger will be good for the average Americans. However, in reality, it would offer AT&T® more control over the internet and TV experience of the users.

For instance, if AT&T® owns HBO, it could refuse to provide the competing movie channels. In addition, as the owner of distribution, they can easily use their power to make their channels available and more attractive to the users and they can decide not to carry any content that competes with the broad programming line of Time Warner®.

The worst part is that, as Time Warner® owns CNN, the merger can have perilous effects on the news environment and the capability of the viewer to select what to watch. AT&T® and Time Warner® duo could make sure that CNN is much more accessible to the viewers than the competitor channels like Fox News. They might even refuse to carry channels like Newsmax, One America News, or the Blaze, and can negatively affect the viewing experience of the users.

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