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AT&T has recently announced that they have launched high-speed fiber internet service in the greater Birmingham area, Alabama. Moreover, reports say that they are also planning to expand the high-speed fiber internet services to neighboring communities like Hoover and Alabaster.

As per the announcement from AT&T, residents and small business owners of Birmingham can sign up and make use of the 1-gigabit internet connection. Parts of Montevallo, Chelsea, Pelham, and neighboring communities can also access the high-speed connection.

AT&T claims that the 1-gigabit high-speed fiber internet connection is about 20 times faster than the average speed that is offered by wired internet services. Officials stated that the prices for the connection will start around 70 dollars a month.

“The strength of our state’s economy relies on innovation and investment, and it is exciting to have AT&T already fulfilling the promise made less than a year ago to bring ultra-fast internet to Birmingham and surrounding communities,” Sen. Jabo Waggoner said in a press release. “New technology enriches the quality of life for area residents and business owners. I applaud AT&T’s continuing investment across Alabama.”

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Fiber internet or high-speed internet can be a big boon for high-tech businesses in the area that has lot of servers and data needs. AT&T has launched the high-speed internet service in Madison and Huntsville last month and it is a big success. However, AT&T is not the only telecom company that is eyeing the growing fiber optic market in the United States.

Google is also planning to roll out their services in Huntsville area, while the mobile-based telecom provider, Southern Light, has signed an agreement with Birmingham city to install 120 miles of fiber optic throughout the area. AT&T believes that they are at advantageous position, as they have already launched the service at many areas.

“AT&T is committed to extending access to ultra-fast internet in the greater Birmingham area because our customers are increasingly interacting with their world in more data-intensive ways,” Fred McCallum, who is the president of AT&T Alabama, said in a statement. “A growing number of people are streaming content directly from their devices and interacting with family and friends through live videos. For these reasons, we are proud to now offer our fastest internet speeds in Birmingham and its surrounding communities.”

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