AT&T U-Verse® and DirecTV® Customers Still to Get Access to WUPW-TV

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AT&T – WUPW-TV Dispute

Toledo Fox affiliate WUPW-TV, Channel 36 has been removed from the channel lineup of local AT&T U-Verse® and DirecTV® for more than a few weeks. As the dispute between both the parties has stretched to a month, customers have started to get frustrated, as they are not able to access and watch the Fox-exclusive broadcasts of the World Series, which began a few days ago.

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the dispute between both the parties is due to retransmission fees. The officials from the parent company of WUPW-TV, American Spirit Media, blamed AT&T® for the blackout of the channels. In addition to that, they also claimed that they wanted to strike a new deal, but AT&T® refused to meet their requirements. American Spirit Media, LLC is also the owner of six other CW and Fox affiliates in six other states of the country.

In a video to AT&T U-Verse® and DirecTV® customers, the General Manager of WUPW-TV channels, Patrick Donnelly, compared the current situation between the parties to David and Goliath. He said, “Our parent company wants to get a deal done. But we’re just a group of seven local television stations up against a huge multimedia conglomerate. DirecTV® and AT&T U-Verse® seem unwilling to negotiate with smaller groups like ours. They’ve signed deals with all the big station groups but seem to want to use their size for leverage against us.”

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Reports indicate that AT&T® has not yet issued any official release about the ongoing negations. Moreover, they have also refused to share any details on when their customers will be able to gain access to the channel. However, the customers of AT&T U-Verse® and DirecTV® are still hopeful that the telecom company will try to settle the issue as soon as possible.

Donnelly added, “We will continue to work hard on an agreement with DirecTV® and AT&T U-Verse® to allow us back on their lineup so that you can watch your favorite news, shows, and sports there.” In addition to that, he also urged subscribers of DirecTV® and AT&T U-Verse® to reach out to the telecom giant through social media or switch their TV service provider if they wish to watch the remaining matches of World Series.

Despite all these issues, your best bet at acquiring best cable deals is still AT&T®. So, it is best to wait for a couple of days, as the dispute is rumored to be resolved by the end of the week.

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