DirecTV App Streams Channels Without Affecting Data Caps

Dish Vs DirecTV
DirecTV App

AT&T is once again evolving their DirecTV services, and is now pushing the services to the video streaming era of entertainment. When we compare Dish vs DirecTV, the ongoing work of AT&T is making a clear distinction between both the services.

Most of the changes put forward by AT&T affect DirecTV and U-Verse app. With the latest apps, users can stream live channels and recorded programs, where AT&T’s adoption of streaming services is one of the largest offerings.

It appears that almost all the channels are available to be streamed from the test of apps. Of course, there are exceptions like the music channels, channels with adult content, pay per view, and 4K content.

In addition, DVR functionalities such as pausing live TV is also not available, though users can stream any pre-recorded content on the home DVR. Moreover, there is an offline viewing function that allows users to download content to devices.

Another important point is that if a user makes use of AT&T’s Data Free TV service in mobile network, the streaming will not affect the mobile data caps. However, there are a couple of things that needs to be noted.

AT&T Deals
Data Free TV Service

First, the complete “watching content on our mobile network won’t affect data usage” deal is troubling for the fans of net neutrality. AT&T is treating their users far better than other providers are, even if they access the same data in the same network.

Secondly, the requirements for the deal are little confusing. AT&T makes it clear that the access to contents will vary with the package and that not all channels will be available on all packages. This means that the users are not guaranteed the ability to stream everything.

It is also important worth nothing that you will need a DirecTV subscription above a certain tier and Genie HD DVR or better devices to avail these streaming options.

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