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Wi-Fi brings one of the most popular perks of modern internet, which is the ability to connect to it wirelessly. After you have tried it once, it is very hard to go back. Still setting up a Wi-Fi network at home doesn’t guarantee everything will work at its best. If it doesn’t, here are a few things to check out.

If these things do not improve the speed, you should probably look for a better ISP. Check out the latest AT&T deals, and maybe go a step further and sign up for one of the DirecTV packages as well.


Position your router next to the PC or laptop, and maybe you will boost signal reception. Nevertheless, that only works if it is the distance that was blocking the signal, and not PC itself. Check if either is the case, and reposition the router accordingly. The best you can get is a direct line of sight between the two. Picture the router as a lamp and that the rays from this are Wi-Fi signals.

Electrical Issues

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A wall and couch could get in the way of Wi-Fi signals, but those aren’t the only things which can disrupt your Wi-Fi. Electrical interference is another factor, and almost any appliance in the home can be the cause of it. Anything that gives off radio waves can impede signal reception. Microwaves are another source of interference, and can cut down Wi-Fi speed by half.

There may be nothing to block the router’s signal, but its location would still matter. It is not sensible to place it in a corner of the house and expect good speeds. Distance is always the enemy. It is best to choose a central location in the home and so that you get maximum coverage. Also, leaving it on the floor or in the basement is a bad idea. Instead, if it were placed high in the room, the signals would have fewer obstacles to pass through. In a multistory home, the router should be kept on a level where it will be used frequently.

If the Wi-Fi is slower than you think it should be, then perfume the following test. Make sure that the thing is new and that you know its average speeds to be higher than what you are getting. As long as the equipment is up-to-date, it should deliver the mentioned speeds. Connect it directly to the computer with and Ethernet cord. If that significantly boosts the speeds, then you have been having interference issues with the Wi-Fi.

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