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We all know that Charter Communications acquired Time Warner Cable earlier this year, and changed TWC internet to their Spectrum band recently. Charter will rise as the Spectrum band on the national advertising campaign that features a rising sun with bright skies and open fields in the background. The national ad campaign signals what CMO Jon Hargis says is a “new look at what a cable company can be.”

The voiceover works for the television advertisement are offered by actor Ethan Hawke. When asked about his plans to turn around the image of Time Warner Cable, which was one of the most disliked companies in the US, Hargis said, “People don’t know cable companies outside of their areas. We thought we needed to make a change anyway, so with the acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House we went all the way to Spectrum.”

Charter is aiming to improve customer service, pricing, and add more HD channels to their lineup. They are also planning to introduce new contracts in the meantime to their service. With the latest changes Charter, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks together will represent a “new day” for cable TV and other pay TV services, and this will take more than simply erasing the name of Time Warner Cable.

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Increase In Cable Bills

Less than a month after rebranding the TWC customers in Los Angeles, Charter is already facing backlash in the area. Last week, consumer overseer David Lazarus shared a column with heading “Attention former Time Warner customers: Get ready for your cable bill to go up.” He noted that his own TWC internet and telephone service bill is set to increase with the end of the promotional period. Lazarus also mentioned that the best alternative would be to switch to the eighty-five dollars Spectrum double-play package, but that would be a thirty percent more increase to the current rate.

This means that the end of promotional period will obviously result in price increase for users. Charter has introduced a pricing model that is simpler than that of TWC and much less focused on discounts and promotions. It is difficult to compare a model, which depended heavily on promotions, with the Spectrum strategy that does not have many promotions, to numerically prove that Charter has increased cable bills for the users in Southern California. Only time will tell how everything fares for the telco giant.

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