Charter Communications Is Conducting Apprenticeship Program In North Carolina

Charter Communications
Apprenticeship Program

John Skvarla, N.C. Commerce Secretary is still able to recall the time when most of the high school graduates were motivated to select and join a four-year college as the next phase of their education. Many college graduates were left with a significant debt due to many factors and there were only a few job opportunities in North Carolina for the graduates. However, Skvarla recently stated that the future works of North Carolina is determined to change the situation and to make the most of upcoming job opportunities.

The youth in the country is trying hard to be educated and trained for future job opportunities. Approximately 562 companies from North Carolina are aiming to train their future workers through an apprenticeship program. Reports indicate that more than 4,600 apprentices have already enrolled to participate in the program. Skvarla believes that this program is capable of improving the job opportunities in the region.

Recently, Skvarla had visited Charlotte to recognize North Carolina’s largest apprenticeship program, which was conducted in many training centers around the region by Charter Communications, one of the leading satellite and internet providers in the country.

In a meeting, which was held at one of the Charter training centers, Skvarla said, “We’re working very hard to create career pathways for our young people in North Carolina.” Charter was training employees for the post of “broadband technicians” at the training centre.

Charter Apprenticeship Program
Training Class For Students

During the four-year training program, Charter Communications combined online and classroom instructions with safety and procedures training to make the process effective and simple. Charter has recently started another training class at the center with a fresh batch of 17 students. Skvarla also ensured that Charter has guaranteed that all their apprenticeship participants will receive a decent, good-paying job, which will allow them to clear their debts.

Area vice president of operations for Charter Communications Inc., Charlene Keys commented that the apprenticeship program has become popular among the military veterans. “Apprenticeship has been particularly helpful in recruiting and providing career opportunities for veterans who have completed their active-duty military service and are starting careers in the private sector,” she said.

Charter’s program has already more than 600 apprentices, who are either working in the field, or attending the training program. Charter is currently working with Time Warner Cable in North Carolina region.

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