Charter Is Making A Few Amends To Attract More Subscribers To Spectrum

Charter Spectrum
Simplified Pricing Models

The recent venture from Charter Communications will be known as “Spectrum” and it is already available to the subscribers. The latest ad campaign from the company is quite interesting and it features the images of rising sun, open fields, and bright skies.

The CMO of the company, Jon Hargis, said that their latest venture “new look at what a cable company can be.” One of the familiar faces in the Hollywood industry, Ethan Hawke, performed the voiceover for this TV spot.

When one of the interviewers asked Hargis, “How do you turn around the image of one of the most detested companies in America — Time Warner Cable,” he did not criticize a lot on the expensive acquisition made by Charter in order to secure TWC. Rather, he said that, “People don’t know cable companies outside of their areas. We thought we needed to make a change anyway, so with the acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House we went all the way to Spectrum.”

Charter is determined to make a few changes to their TV venture, which includes improving their customer service, simplifying the pricing models, more HD channels, and no need for contact requirements for the subscribers. Charter realizes that some individuals were not satisfied by the service provided by Time Warner Cable and they hope to win more subscribers to their offerings my making a few amends.

TWC Internet
Improvined Customer Service

Some customers have shared their concern on whether they would have to pay higher prices for the services they are currently receiving. However, Hargis had guaranteed that there will not be any significant increase in the price for the services and the subscribers will not have to worry about the pricing of Spectrum.

Charter CMO also added that spectrum is currently offering fewer packages, but it does offer a great value to their subscribers. He further added that the existing Time Warner Cable subscribers would not be forced to shift to the Spectrum package either. Instead, the company is offering them a chance to retain their existing package at the same price.

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