Charter Spectrum Subscribers Experience Outage Due To Vandalism

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Outage Due To Vandalism

One of the officials from Charter Spectrum has confirmed that the cause of service outage in one portion of the Victor Valley region is due to vandalism. The director of West Regional Communications for Charter Spectrum, Dennis Johnson, said that the engineers and technicians from the company are working to fix the fiber optic cables, which were cut down by the vandals last week.

Johnson also informed that a major part of Charter Communication’s cable TV, phone and internet services in Apple Valley has already been restored. He also appreciated the customers for their patience as the technicians were completing the restoration process.

Several Charter Spectrum subscribers, including the Town Spokeswoman, Kathie Martin, had shared her concern about the outage caused by the vandals. She added that the Town Hall had to function without email and external phones due to the outage.

Maria Kirk, one of the Charter Spectrum subscribers, said that the outage prevented her family from obtaining medical care and refilling the drug prescriptions. Kirk said, “Something needs to be done” to ensure that the individuals, who don’t have a cell phone, have a way or an alternative to contact and connect “the outside world.” She further added, “Many of us don’t have a cellphone to call family or 911 if we encounter a medical emergency. Being without phone service puts us all in severe danger.”

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Charter Spectrum Subscribers

Another subscriber, who lives in the Mariana area of Apple Valley, said, “My sister could not see the doctor and I couldn’t get my medication because they told us their computers were down. The doctor and pharmacy is clean over by St. Mary’s Hospital and it was a wasted trip.”

Nanci Saad, one of the residents of Apple Valley said that the Apple-Bear Center on Bear Valley Road was like “a ghost town” due to the internet problems, which were caused due to the outage. She also added that she managed to open her pharmacy despite all the outage issue because she used Frontier Communications.

The officials from Charter Spectrum have promised that their technicians are working to repair the cable and to bring back the services as soon as possible.

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