Charter® to Invest $1 Billion in Spectrum® Fiber Infrastructure

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Charter Communications® is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the US, and one of the best internet providers. They offer many cheap internet services as well as some of the best cable deals in most parts of the country. The Spectrum® initiative of Charter® is now all set to invest a whopping amount of more than $1 billion in their hottest fiber infrastructure venture this year. This is to boost up the density of their fiber network in the United States and to set up new resources as well as tools for their employees in order to meet the diversified needs of their customers.

With this new initiative, it is the second successive year that the Telco is investing an amount more than $1 billion totally for the fiber network of Spectrum® enterprise. Spectrum® has already a customer base of more than approximately 200,000 buildings that employ their fiber infrastructure. With the latest investment, they intend to fund the augmented client access to this prevailing Spectrum® enterprise network.

According to the Stamford-based telecommunication company, most of the newfangled fiber will be constructed within its prevailing footprints in the country. This will also increase the access of their business clients as well to this fiber internet solution such as Ethernet and voice trunk (SIP/PRI), fiber internet access, etc. For this, Charter Communications® will absorb the major expenses required to construct the fiber infrastructure for most of their new customers within the national footprints.

The executive vice president and president of Spectrum®, Phil Meeks, said, “As fiber connectivity has become fundamental to economic growth, we are focused on making our fiber infrastructure more accessible to clients and reshaping their experience to align with the evolving realities of today’s modern enterprise.”

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He further added, “Advanced video and virtual reality solutions, cloud, IoT and the future of 5G all depend on a reliable and highly-dense fiber network. Our commitment is to ensure that our clients have the most robust fiber network and solutions to grow today and take advantage of future technologies that have immense demands on bandwidth.”

Spectrum® is counted among the national providers of reliable fiber technology that serves giant business enterprises as well as individual communication purposes of customers. The scalable services offered by the Telco mainly includes networking and coped services such as Ethernet access and networks, internet access, TV, and voice solutions, as well as hosting services and managed application, cloud infrastructure, and many more.

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