Comcast® and NBC Say Consumers can Now Vote for Artists Appearing on ‘The Voice’

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Comcast® and NBC recently said that the consumers of Xfinity® X1 would be able to use the voice remote for casting votes for the artist appearing on ‘The Voice’, a music reality show broadcast on NBC. In fact, the consumers can vote for the artist they like directly from the TV as they watch the Emmy award winning show. To cast vote on artists, all the fans of the show need to do is say “Vote for The Voice,” or press the info button on the X1 remote.

Upon the input, a panel would pop up on the right side of the TV’s screen, which classifies the artists by competing team, thus allowing the users to toggle the menus and vote for the artists appearing on ‘The Voice’. In fact, the consumers can a vote for an artist on the Xfinity® X1 when the ‘The Voice’ broadcast is on, until an hour into its completion, on NBC.

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“We look forward to amplifying the excitement of the live shows even more by giving fans of watching The Voice on X1 a new way to interact with the show this season,” said Daniel Spinosa, Vice President of Entertainment Services at Comcast® Cable. “We believe X1 offers customers the best in-home entertainment experience, and this is another great example of how we are partnering with networks to leverage the platform to create new interactive experiences.”

“The Voice has always been a show that leverages the digital space, and each season we continue to innovate on ways to engage fans across platforms,” said Rob Hayes, Executive Vice President of Digital at NBC Entertainment. “The X1 partnership, which gives audiences a seamless interactive viewing experience, is a natural extension of The Voice’s brand as one of the most social shows on television.”

Comcast® provides Xfinity® Internet and best cable deals to both residential and businesses consumers in many regions of the United States. Comcast® has been collaborating with TV programmers, studios, as well as digital networks thus far for evolving and expanding entertainment quotient on the Xfinity® TV and across the compatible devices. Such tie-ups boost Xfinity® X1 platform to make a unique viewing experience for the subscribers who are onto watching events such as Olympics, feature films, and fantasy football to mention a few.

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