Comcast® Gives Conditional Broadband Speed Bumps for Select Markets

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Comcast® customers in select areas of the US will get speed increases from what is being offered in existing broadband internet plans, provided customers sign up for their pay-TV service. This is being endorsed by the cable giant to customers living in Oregon, Houston, and Southwest Washington as of now. Of course, by how much the internet speed will improve depends on the existing speed tier plans of the customers.

Comcast® said that subscribers of 60 megabits per second internet plan will get 150 Mbps speed, customers of 150 Mbps internet will get 250 Mbps, and for 250 Mbps plans new speeds will be either 400 Mbps or 1 gigabit per second. “We’re very focused on providing a great customer experience by making our technology products easy to get and simple to use,” Comcast’s Senior Vice President for Houston Region, Ralph Martinez, said of the launch of new speeds for broadband customers in Texas. “There’s nothing simpler and easier than fulfilling our customers’ need for speed to give them what they want, when they want it.”

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To get new speeds, applicable customers should opt for pay-TV service of Comcast® only. In case you have canceled Comcast’s pay-TV service to subscribe the streaming services that let you watch TV programming over the web, you will not be eligible for upgraded broadband speeds. The move from Comcast® comes in order to grow customer base, and especially to keep cord cutters from adopting cable TV alternatives that let stream their favorite channels and other video content.

In fact, in the recent quarterly earnings report, Comcast® has disclosed that they have seen an unexpected loss in the number of video or cable TV subscribers that amounts to in excess of 93,000. As opposed to the same quarter last year, this decline in customer base only goes to position Comcast’s status of being not just a company that provides best cable deals on Xfinity® TV in many markets, but of being an internet service provider that provides accesses to TV programming as well.

There are several benefits to bundling cable packages with internet plans, and Comcast® is not one to let go of an opportunity to improve the number of customers. Unlike practices such as throttling speeds or giving preferential treatment for other websites leading to net neutrality violations, this move from Comcast® is a safer way to gain an advantage over competitors and maintain the monopoly.

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