Comcast® Launches RealTime Assist to Xfinity® Subscribers in the US

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Comcast® recently unveiled RealTime Assist, a customized service messaging tool, as part of their mission to serve the customers and ease out their accessibility to Comcast® Xfinity. In fact, RealTime Assist gives service info regarding technician appointments, planned outages, upgrades in the network, and updates to equipment. Xfinity® subscribers would get the service info to their mobile devices, having the Xfinity® My Account app, or to the Xfinity® X1 in a few weeks.

“The launch of RealTime Assist will help us fit into our customers’ lives by providing customers the right information at the right time. Customers have told us they don’t want to call us to confirm their appointment or have to ask when their new equipment will arrive, and now they don’t need to,” said Piers Lingle, Senior Vice President for Customer Experience at Comcast®. “We are committed to creating personalized solutions that make our customers’ lives easier, and RealTime Assist does just that.”

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Comcast® officials said that post the launch, RealTime Assist has sent SMS messages to more than 4.5 million customers. Besides, around 16 million customers of Comcast® use Xfinity® My Account app to monitor their respective accounts. The app is compatible with iOS devices and Android devices and can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play Store.

It is to be noted that Comcast® has invested a lot in technology, mobility tools, and in training since 2015 to make sure that customer experience is at the heart of all their products and services. Comcast® offers the best cable deals and fast internet service to residential as well as business subscribers over the Xfinity® brand in most regions of the United States.

You can watch On-Demand and live programs if you have an Xfinity® TV subscription from Comcast® including local, international, as well as channel-sponsored programming. Being one of the best internet providers in the US and having had one of the widest coverage nationwide, Comcast® is certainly trying more innovative services to reach out to the cord cutters.

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