Comcast® Launches Xfinity® Instant TV Beta Service

Xfinity Internet
Instant TV Beta Service

One of the leading internet providers in the United States, Comcast Corporations® is planning to lure in more cord cutters into their service with a new attractive offering. The latest Xfinity® Instant TV Beta introduced by Comcast® is actually a stripped-down bundle of excellent channels and it is available to users for just $18 a month. However, this new offering is only available in selected parts of the country.

A representative from the telecom giant refused to disclose any details on where the new Xfinity® Instant TV beta offering is currently available. Nevertheless, he did state that the new offering would be rolled out to all parts of the country within two weeks or so. Comcast® is also hopeful that the new offering will help them to attract more customers towards their service.

One of the major attractions of Comcast’s Xfinity® Instant TV is that customers will not have to spend money on a set-top box. In addition to that, subscribers will be also able to sign up, remove, or add programming bundles as they please without signing a contract. Users can also cancel the service at any time they want without paying any cancellation fee.

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The 30-day free trial of Xfinity® Instant TV will help customers to decide whether they should invest in the service or not. However, Xfinity® Instant TV is currently available only to the broadband customers of Comcast® and they will be able to access and watch the full live channel lineup only over the Wi-Fi connection at their home.

The officials from Comcast® also stated that they currently working to let Xfinity® Instant TV subscribers to purchase and rent movies and TV shows. The EVP of Xfinity® Services at Comcast® Cable, Matt Strauss said, “While we talk about importance of mobile-first, what we found is that, even for millennials, the television is important. And people still default to the best screen that’s available to them.”

He also added that X1 will continue to be the core video service of Comcast® but noted that the new Xfinity® Instant TV product will most likely enhance and influence other products of the telecom company. He said, “These are all attributes that, I think, have profound implications, more generally, around how we want to go to market. Instant TV is the tip of the spear in how we have constructed a product that is really geared for our HSD-only customers but it’s rethinking how we go to market and how we provide customers different types of choices.”

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