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Comcast Corporation has recently released an Xfinity app for Roku devices. This app enabled Xfinity TV subscribers to access all the contents offered by the cable provider on their Roku devices. Comcast stated that the new Xfinity TV beta app allows their subscribers to effectively use the beta Roku channels, while the company is still trying to improve and test its performance.

Comcast also revealed their plans to launch a new Xfinity TV app for their Xfinity subscribers later this year. In a recent statement, Comcast said that, “The app will allow Xfinity TV customers to watch live and on demand programming, including local broadcast and Public Educational and Governmental channels, as well as their cloud DVR recordings, delivered over Comcast’s secure private managed network, on Roku devices in the home.”

Officials from Comcast also added that their subscribers in New Hampshire, Michigan, Massachusetts, Indiana, and Illinois, who have subscribed to Xfinity Stream, would be able to access and watch live TV on their Roku devices even without a cable set-top box. However, many analysts and customers have a little bit of doubt on how Comcast Corporation will treat Roku devices on their network, particularly in terms of the pricing.

The latest Xfinity box from Comcast went live to Comcast customers just a few days ago. A number of telecom analysts also pointed out that Comcast customers, who use the set-top box and the new Xfinity app for Roku, will have to pay an additional fee when the trial period concludes.

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In the FAQ page for their new service, Comcast noted, “Customers will not pay equipment charges with respect to their use of Roku devices. All other fees associated with a customer’s service will apply, except that, during the Beta trial, additional outlet charges for services to outlets connected to Roku devices are being waived. On conclusion of the trial, you will be informed of the charges that will apply for connecting this device with your XFINITY TV service and will have the opportunity to opt in.”

Reports from several sources indicate that the current additional outlet service fee of Comcast is $9.95 per set top box, but subscribers who use their own equipments will receive a $2.50 credit. A Comcast representative further added that the company has not finished evaluating the additional outlet prices.

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