Comcast® To Launch Beta Version of Xfinity® Instant TV

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After carrying out extensive trials in several markets of the country, Comcast® is in the final steps of launching its beta version of Xfinity® Instant TV. It is a skinny streaming package delivered over IP and intended for its broadband subscribers. The package is available at a rate of $18 for some local channels along with a VOD library and cloud DVR providing about 20 hours of storage space. Being one of the fastest internet providers in the US, Comcast® will also offer high-speed internet along with the Xfinity® Instant TV service.

The Xfinity® Instant TV service includes several of the major broadcast networks as well as government, educational, and public channels. However, it does not include some of the national cable networks such as AMC, Disney Channel, ESPN, and A&E in its package. Customers can access them by purchasing them from numerous add-on packages of various genres. Moreover, they can also include premium networks like HBO and Starz by purchasing them into the core package.

Comcast® has stated that it intends to launch the beta version across the MSO footprint in the next two weeks. To attract more customers into this new offering, the Telco is also providing a 30-day free trial use of the Xfinity® Instant TV platform. With this new video offering, Comcast® can extend their services to its broadband internet service that relies on its various skinny packages via its cloud power architecture, which is also used in its X1 platform.

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By launching this offer, Comcast® is planning to use Xfinity® Instant TV as an upgrade to its X1 system. The Xfinity® Instant TV will be supported on numerous web browsers, streaming apps for Android and iOS devices, and in Roku players and TVs. Comcast® is also planning to extend the service to more TVs and players such as LG and Samsung.

Matt Strauss, EVP of Xfinity® Services at Comcast Cable® said, “While we talk about the importance of mobile-first, what we found is that, even for millennials, the television is important. And people still default to the best screen that’s available to them. It’s for someone who has broadband service but doesn’t necessarily take video. Or they want video, but they want a different video experience.”

The Xfinity® Instant TV service has numerous upgrades in its services such as offering a digitally focuses experience to the customers. It will allow subscribers to order and activate the service online by using a credit card. It also provides them the means to manage their subscription such as the inclusion or removal of additional add-on packages.

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