Xfinity Home From Comcast Integrates Smart Thermostat From Zen

Xfinity Home Ecosystem

As part of a plan to let users save energy and manage green homes, Xfinity Home service from Comcast has made a partnership and integration deal with Zen Ecosystems, who is the maker of new connected thermostat. The connected thermostat is a core part in the Xfinity Home ecosystem and it is another big step towards the re-launch of the “EcoSaver” technology/platform, which aims to decrease the home energy usage by optimizing the home cooling and heating making use of real time weather analytics.

“At Xfinity Home, we are always looking for new ways to delight our customers and add value to our services,” said Daniel Herscovici, who is the senior vice president and general manager of Xfinity Home. “We are eager to unveil a new home energy management service soon, fully integrated with Zen Ecosystems, that will redefine what customers expect from their smart home services. When we relaunch EcoSaver in the spring, our customers will be able to transform their smart homes into greener homes, while continuing to help them save money on their monthly energy bills.”

Zen Ecosystem is the latest to the list of third party companies to integrate their products with the Xfinity Home. Xfinity Home is a security and home automation service offered by Comcast and the service has 500,000 plus users currently. Some of the other announced partners of Comcast include, Chamberlain (garage controllers), August (smart locks), Lutron (wireless controllers and dimmers), Sengled and Jasco (lighting), and Nest (thermostats).

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Xfinity Home Service

Comcast is also building their own products for Xfinity Home. The latest addition is the xCam, which is a Wi-Fi connected HD indoor and outdoor camera that can be integrated to the Xfinity Home platform. Comcast is expecting to announce more partnerships and has re-launched their work with Xfinity Home portal, as they are planning to add more visibility and scale to the program.

Reports say that Comcast is also in the process of buying a portion of Icontrol and have discussed how the buyout would enable them to pursue a new white label business. The customers of Icontrol include Charter Communications, Cox Communications, and Rogers. Comcast also held meetings with Charter and other operators at CES to discuss the potential licensing opportunities.

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