5 Trends That Will Decide The Future Of TV

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Trends Affecting TV

TV and the broadcast technologies it uses have come a long way in the last 50 years. Content has newer and better ways to reach consumers these days, and the number of these will go nowhere but up. Meanwhile, several technologies are driving a shift in the way that video content is distributed and consumed. Here are six of the most influential ones at this time.

Growing Number And Complexity Of Devices

With more and more mobile and stationary items filling home as well as travel lives, it is safe to say the trend won’t slow anytime soon. The average household has not just a TV for video consumption, but also mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and many of these. This brings up the number of screens people watch on, with devices getting more storage and computing power as time goes on.

Growing Data Use

Data these days is curated not just to satisfy what programming people like now, but also to enable predictions of what they will like later. This influences what content gets produced in the first place including the ads people watch. Most of this will be targeted at audiences, based on data about what viewers prefer, and what they don’t. Distribution is more viewer-oriented now than ever.

Internet Of Things

More devices these days from different and even distant locations can be connected and used collaboratively, and one of the applications of that is boosting viewer enjoyment and sophistication. This relates closely with data use, and drives the development of new data sources. These will soon decide most of the what, where, how and when of programming and viewing.

Change In Distribution Method

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TV Viewing Trends

Millions of pay-TV subs are moving on to streaming services, which are essentially IP based. In addition, wireless services are now on par with wired providers when it comes to delivering and distributing content around the country. With more such transitions on the horizon, content producers will seek out the best technologies to air their product over.

Advances In Digital Media

One word: 4K. And then there is UHDTV too. These are just two of the newer viewing options to have come out recently, which will almost certainly be game changers inside the decade.

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