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Fast internet has become one of the most essential requirements to all of us. The speed offered by a provider is undoubtedly the first thing you look for while selecting an internet service. However, one of the major issues encountered by internet users these days is that there is a limit on how much you can browse, download, or stream videos. In addition, you are liable to pay an additional cost if you exceed the data cap.

Recently, Cox Communications joined their hands with a small group of internet providers to reach a conclusion that 1 TB data is a perfect number to be set as the data limit for internet access. Reports indicate that Cox Communications has shared a few details of this new update on their website.

All internet plans offered by Cox Communications allows a “data plan” allowance of 1 TB per month. This means that subscribers, who cross the data limit of 1 TB per month, will have to pay additional charges according to their use. However, the data limit for upgraded Cox internet plans users, who have subscribed to the Gigablast internet, would be 2 TB.

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1 TB Data Limit

Cox Communications has called the internet speed set to the users as a data plan and have specified that the “unused data does not carry over into the next month.” It is to be noted that Comcast also recently changed their internet plans to expand their broadband caps all over the country, and they significantly changed their data plan to 1 TB in June. AT&T had also made few adjustments in their internet plans in order to incorporate new data caps.

Just like Comcast, Cox Communications also claimed that a terabyte of data is both generous and sufficient, and is perfect data limit for even advanced users. They also added that approximately 99 percent of their customers are already perfectly covered under their existing data plan.

As per some reports, Cleveland area Cox subscribers, who exceed their data limit, will have to an additional amount of $10 for each 50 GB they use. However, the additional charges for Cox internet plans subscribers in other areas are not yet revealed to the public.

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