Cox Offers Attractive Bundle Deals And Better Paying Options

Cox Channel Guide
Cox Triple Play Offerings

Cox is one of the leading television service providers in the US, that recently come to fore with its triple play services. Cox services are rather affordable. Through its exciting services, the company has managed to build a strong trust among the customers all over the country.

Cox provides people with exciting bundle offers. When you order for Cox triple play services, you are able to save up to a $200 per year. Below is a list of services that Cox offers.

Free Installation Service

When order Cox service, you get free installation service. This is not a common thing with many of the cable or satellite television services these days. However, experts from Cox will come to your home and install the devices as you wish for no additional costs. If you have suggestions regarding setting up the equipments in the house, you can tell them openly and they would comply with the same as well.

Service Agreement

Cox gives a service agreement, which states that as long as you are with Cox, the company would not fail in ensuring the services that is offered to you when you purchased the product. The company also offers guaranteed paying services. It means if you agree to use the service for a given period, in most cases it is two years, you would get the services for the fixed price for up to two years.

Cox TV Offerings

Cox Internet Plans
Cox Satellite Television

Cox claims to offer the maximum number of local, national, and international channels. Cox channel lineup includes all genres of channels, say, sports, movies, news, etc., giving you the ultimate chance to make your home entertainment complete. With Cox TV offerings, you will be able to enjoy more than 340+ channels. This channel lineup includes HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ and Cinemax. You can get a better picture of the channel lineup by checking out the Cox channel guide.

Cox Internet Services

Cox offers the fastest home Wi-Fi service in America. Through bundling, you can get the internet services for a very low price along with television services and home phone offerings.

Cox Digital Telephone

When you order Cox digital telephone service with other services, making it a double play or triple play service, you can get a chance to save a lot with unlimited local calling offerings.

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