Cox Rewrites The Future Of Home Internet In Southwest Virginia

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Home internet in Southwest Virginia has reserved its place in future with the introduction of high-speed Gigabit internet services from Cox Communications. Cox and Comcast are already offering high-speed internet services to businesses located in Southwest Virginia, and now the service is coming to homeowners; a construction project in Downtown Roanoke would be the first to get high-speed Gigabit internet service.

Cox Communications is now rolling out their new Gigablast home internet services to Southwest Virginia and as per the reports, Gramercy Row is the first residential building in the city to get the service. “It’s one thing to take an existing building and renovate it into apartments, it’s quite another to take on a brand new construction in a town that a lot of people consider old and sleepy,” Gramercy Row Leasing Director Greg Danahy said.

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“This is a huge evolution in terms of residential Internet services,” Cox Roanoke Market Vice President Jeff Merritt commented. “It’s a huge deal this is the first time anybody in Roanoke will be able to have at their residence 1 gig services, so we’re really excited about it. As a matter of fact we’re celebrating our 40th year here, and celebrating 40 years and coming out with this kind of technology is kind of remarkable.”

The fiber optic network of Cox Communications is made up of glass, which is capable of carrying pulses of light, meaning much faster Cox internet plans for homes than the current ones. In their Gramercy Row project, fiber cables would be run directly to the units to offer direct access to those residents who choose to pay for the upgrade.

“The property owner said ‘Hey, we want to build something that’s not just good for today, but good for the future’. So it’s not just state of the art, but it’s what are we going to be able to offer into the future,” Merritt said in a press release.

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