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Cox Internet Plans
Cox Internet

Under brand name “G1GABLAST”, Cox plans to provide internet plans which is 100 times faster to the middle Georgia customers. This was announced at the Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce in Warner Robins.

“We are excited about our roadmap to offer gigabit speeds to all of our residential customers,” said Lynn Murphey, Cox’s Middle Georgia vice president. “We are deploying new technology and infrastructure that will offer our customers the choice of gigabit speeds in all markets we serve.”

It’s been more than a decade since Cox internet plans with gigabit speeds has been offered for businesses and now they plan to offer the same service to residential customers by the end of 2016.

In the event it was also announced that they would increase the speed of the Ultimate and Premier high speed internet packages.

From April 6th the customers would have also seen an increase in maximum download speed from 200 mega bites per second to 300 mega bites per second and 100 to 150 mega bites per second for premiere customers.

Thus people can now download HD movies or load 100 songs in a matter of few seconds. The services are available for $99.99 per month or $119 for other customers.

“We all know that speed is what matters. Our customers are after speed. The communities have been talking about gigs for many, many months now,” said Lynn Murphey.

Cox Internet Packages
Cox High Speed Packages

Tiffany Kensington, Somerset, Morgan Ranch and South bend in Bonaire are the few areas equipped with fiber optic cable for faster internet services.

The company also said that in the past 10 years the company has invested $15 billion in the communities to upgrade technology which in turn has improved the phone, video delivery and high speed internet.

For the last fifty years Cox has been the leader in Middle Georgia for its broadband service for the customers and they plan to continue to invest in the local network and product capabilities to help connect the customers to the things they need or care about the most.

So, the good news is that we can expect some good and affordable Cox internet plans in the near future. Keep visiting our website for latest updates.

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