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Most of the satellite subscribers complain that they get only the standard definition channels, and the high-definition version of these channels, which they subscribed for, are not listed in their channel guide. However, in most of the cases, you can fix the problem by making a few adjustments in the settings screen.


By setting a list of your favorite channels on your remote, you can avoid the standard definition channels. However, it is also impossible to set a guide that displays HD channels. AT&T says that the channels between 1000 and 2000 are generally in HD. Furthermore, an option “Hide SD duplicates” is available on the settings screen of the program guide for DirecTV as well.


An “HD Auto Tune” option is available on the Spectrum box of Charter cable company, who recently signed a $79 billion deal to acquire Time Warner Cable and Bright House. This option enables the users to automatically switch to the HD version of the channels. However, subscribers who reside in a smaller minority of Charter household with an older box will have to put together a favorite channel list in their remote.


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Comcast is the largest cable firm in the nation. The Philadelphia-based firm expects that all of its subscribers would purchase the new X1 boxes by the end of this year. The X1 box automatically selects the HD version of the channels when they are available. Though this option is not available for old boxes, subscribers can access HD channels by selecting the “Watch in HD” option.


The “Auto-tune to HD” option included in the Cox cable boxes enables subscribers to access HD channels. However, the Contour boxes, which are based on the Comcast’s X1 software, do not have this feature.

Dish Network

The Hopper digital video recorder from Dish Network automatically hides the standard definition channels, when HD channels are available. The older boxes also have an option for displaying HD channels, which can be spotted on the Dish Network channel guide.

Other Providers

The automatic display of high-definition channels is enabled for Optimum and Time Warner Cable subscribers by default. Whereas, Verizon users have the “Auto tune to HD” option in their Fios boxes to access HD channels.

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