TWC or Cox?

When it comes to broadband service offerings, Time Warner Cable shares many similarities with Cox. Both companies are known to periodically pump up their services and deals to outdo competition. It is going to be hard if you are planning to sign up with either, especially if it is the first time you are getting high-speed internet. What helps is a careful Cox vs TWC comparison, and considering the features on offer based on your own needs and preferences.

Internet Packages

TWC and Cox keep somewhat a similar count when it comes to the data caps and internet speeds. Time Warner Cable offers its basic internet plan at 6/1 Mbps speed, while the highest-tiered plan will give you 50/5 Mbps speeds. Meanwhile, Cox offers 5/1 Mbps speeds with its base plan, and 150/20 Mbps speeds on the highest plan.

Cox offers plans that meet the needs of average users best (they need decent speeds, and don’t have too many data intensive uses), as well as satisfies business users for the most part. The 5 Mbps plan for example, seems a modest data plan these days when 4G LTE and ultra high-speed internet packages are booming. Even so, this basic plan has plenty of takers among ‘average’ internet users. It sufficiently supports internet browsing, YouTube surfing, and file downloads as long as you are not struggling to breach the data cap.

For those that value speedover affordability in a package, the basic internet pack from TWC is a better fit. It offers faster speeds than Cox’s base plan. Based upon subscription charges, TWC and Cox both offer solid deals, one of the reasons they successfully attract so many customers.

VoIP Services

An essential comparison between Cox and TWC should not be confined to what they offer in the internet and data aspects. You also have VoIP services to consider. Both TWC and Cox give value-laden packages in this respect.

Integration Of Security Features

TWC boosts up the security of their broadband services with advanced security features. Cox also has a fair offering here, but TWC is a step ahead with more effective and popular customer support, as well as better-designed apps.

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