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Customers of Cox Internet plans are worried these days, as it is rumored that the company is planning to expand the implementation of usage caps. Cox has been making use of soft caps to control usage currently, but these caps are enforced in only some locations on customer accounts that are known for heavy usages. It is reported that Cox is conducting many tests not only to impose hard caps, but also to charge the additional data that is consumed. The additional usage charges will be 10 dollars for every additional 50 GB.

Cox supporters believe that serious enforcement is round the corner. The data plan and usage part of the website seems to be updated recently though. The caps range from 200 GB to 2 TB for the Gigablast broadband service. It should be noted that the data cap assigned to the Ultimate 200 Mbps broadband package was dropped from 2 TB to 1 TB recently. However, the company says that this was done to push the users to gigabit speeds.

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The main complaint of the users is that they were not intimated about the changes. “The change was made this week to more consistently reflect the increased speed and usage allowances included with each Cox Internet package,” Cox confirmed. “Ultimate now includes 1 TB of data usage and our Gigablast package includes 2 TB. These changes are effective in all markets where these speeds are available. It is important to note that current Cleveland customers are grandfathered with the 2 TB data usage allowances on the Ultimate tier.”

Cox spokesperson previously said that they are planning to enforce overage fees in Ohio and Cleveland markets of the company, but with the recent changes, it seems that the restriction will expand all their markets in short time. We need to wait until the official announcement from Cox about the usage caps to get more insight on the matter.

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