Comcast Hopes To Control Cord Cutting With Premier Services

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Summer Olympics In Rio

Comcast has been recently awarded the best service provider for customer satisfaction, and they want to set the coverage of Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro as an example of why their cable TV service offers a great value. What’s more, you do not even need to be a cable subscriber to watch Olympics on NBC TV, which is owned by Comcast, as they have now introduced an improved on-demand service through their Xfinity-branded X1 cable-box system.

Comcast dominates the internet and cable TV markets, and with improvements like cloud-based DVR, better on-demand video streaming services, and superior service calls, things are getting favorable day by day. The company recently announced that Netflix streaming would be soon introduced to their X1 boxes in select markets. However, in the month of June, they also declared a price hike for some of their services.

Cord Cutting

Comcast is fighting the recent trends of cord cutting, where users turn off to cable TV alternatives like online streaming and satellite services, largely because of the cost of cable services. Cord cutting is a dilemma for Comcast and their customers, as many users demand that the services offered are not worth the increasing prices.

Comcast is aware of the tight competition in the market. They have said in their earning report that they lost 4,000 cable users nationwide in second quarter. However, this is actually a notable improvement from the 69,000 users they lost in the same period the previous year. The improvements in customer service and X1 cable system has helped them retain their users.

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Olympics On Xfinity

Over the years, Comcast has proved that their cable platform is the best way to watch the Olympic Games. The games will run from 5 August to 21 August on the NBC Universal affiliated channels like USA, Bravo, Telemundo, and MSNBC. Yet, this does not mean that the non-Comcast viewers are shut out. Much of the Olympic events can be watched on free broadcast TV with an indoor or rooftop antenna.

NBC Universal affiliated channels that broadcasts additional Olympic events are also available on DirecTV, CenturyLink, Dish Network, and many more cable TV alternatives. Users can also make use of the streaming TV service providers like Sling TV.

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