Common Problems With DirecTV iPhone App And The Solutions

One of the major reasons why so many people are choosing DirecTV over other satellite services, is the sophisticated features it offers. In addition to handing you the capability to watch live programs on the big screen at home, DirecTV allows streaming programs online from anywhere in the world, on your smartphone or laptop. You can access DirecTV programs on the devices with the help of the dedicated DirecTV app.

The DirecTV app is free and can be downloaded free from iTunes or PlayStore. However, to stream your favorite programs, you should have subscribed to one of the DirecTV packages, say, DirecTV select package or DirecTV family package.

While using the DirecTV app, it is quite normal to come across minor issues like unresponsiveness or login hitches. Here are a few such scenarios, and steps to work out in order to troubleshoot the problem.

DIRECTV iPhone App Problems and solutions

If you face freezing issues with your DirecTV iPhone app, work out the following steps.

Navigate to your iPhone’s settings and select DirecTV. After that, turn on the option that says ‘Clear Login at Startup.’ You can exit the settings now, and try launching the application. When you login next time, make sure to double-check login credentials. If the issue persists, report the problem to the DirecTV customer support desk through email or live chat. Be sure to note down zip code, error message you received upon launching, and the DIRECTV account number. Share these details with the customer support executive when you contact them through email or phone.

Intermittent error when trying to launch the app

If you are seeing an occasional error while trying to login, this could be because of issues with your WiFi connection, or mobile data connection. If you are using WiFi, make sure there’s good signal strength available. The DirecTV app may fail to open or stream programs when signal strength is low. To verify if the issue is caused by network error, open your browser and try loading a new web page.

According to users, the DirecTV app seldom fails. So, if you face intermittent issues despite a good connection and the right login details, try to reinstalling the app and that may solve the problem.



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