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In the market of television services, the latest trend is skinny bundles. Until recently, people had to pay a huge amount for their desired services. But of late, despite of the overall price hike, every company is trying to introduce cheap services. As long as the consumer base is concerned, they are quite happy about this latest trend.

Among various service providers, Dish Network seems to be offering the most attractive bundle deal. Its Sling TV offers about 20 channels for just $20 a month. In this deal, you will get popular channels like ESPN, CNN, ESPN2, TNT, and TBS. Basically, Sling TV is a streaming based service. It means you can access the programs offered via this service over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Unlike your usual cable or satellite services, there are no huge monthly payments for the Sling TV services. However, you need to keep one thing in mind. Sling TV does not offer the same range of channel lineups like DirecTV or Dish Network packages.

Well, if you have thought that Sling TV is a monopoly here, you are probably wrong. AT&T has introduced three perfect alternatives to Sling TV. AT&T’s alternatives to Sling TV include DirecTV Go, DirecTV Preview, and DirecTV View.

AT&T’s alternatives are streaming based services. They claim to offer a broad range of services. In addition to this, you will have a service called DirecTV Mobile for your mobile devices. If you were not really concerned about the premium price tags, AT&T’s streaming services would be a great means of entertainment for you.

DirecTV Streaming Services

Dish Network Packages
DirecTV Streaming Services

If you were thinking about a more affordable service, the DirecTV Now would be a perfect choice for you. It is equipped with a number of programming options. Because it is a mobile package, it will certainly be a better choice for the mobile-savvy users of today. You can get a preview of DirecTV Now for free as well.

Among all the three streaming services offered by AT&T, DirecTV Mobile seems to be more interesting and feature rich. In fact, DirecTV uses it as a lucrative means to allure modern customers and viewers.

There is a great competition in the satellite television service industry these days. You would often find people making DirecTV Vs Dish or DirecTV Vs Comcast comparisons before they decide to go with a service. But it seems that DirecTV tops the chart with its better services and bundled deals.

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