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MLB Network is among the first to hit 4K transition. Since DirecTV’s launch of 3 4K channels last week, and in time for the Golf Master’s Tournament, people have been wondering what other sport would start being broadcast in the new format. DirecTV has announced that they will be airing 25 major league baseball games this season.

The first game to be aired in 4K will be the LA Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants, set to happen this Friday, April 15 at 10:10 p.m. ET. Some of the other games coming up which will be broadcast in 4K are the Chicago Cubs vs. the St. Louis Cardinals on Tuesday, April 19, and two consecutive games pitting the New York Yankees against the Boston Red Sox on Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April 30.

This still means that a local blackout could get in the way of viewers enjoying Ultra-HD programming, especially in areas like Los Angeles. Still MLB Network sells the new product citing all-game access. Residents in blackout areas will be automatically directed to alternate programming on MLB Network’s other channel, 213-1. AT&T Entertainment Group CCO, Dan York, said, “The 4K UHD experience on DIRECTV will bring America’s pastime to life like never before in the convenience of the living room.”

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If you want to see the first game in 4K on Friday, you need to get started right away. Customers of DirecTV/AT&T will need to additionally sign up for 4K service so that they can view the channels, and they will also need the latest model of the Genie DVR, HR54, which has been set up professionally. It is also required to have a manufacturer-certified DirecTV 4K Ready TV, or alternately, a 4K Genie Mini (Model C61K) installed.

Subscribers must also have signed up for either of the Ultimate and Premier TV packages to get 4K content in their homes. With all the satellites lunched this year, DirecTV has been able to launch 3 4K channels as they promised. Of these, Channels 104 and 105 give you 4K programming including pay-per-view movies, documentaries, shorts, and other paid and free content. Meanwhile, Channel 106 is the 4K channel for free and PPV live events, and it is the one that brought you last week’s Golf Master’s Tournament from Amen’s Corner.

DirecTV’s biggest rival, Dish Network, is not far behind in the 4K front. Dish’s Hopper 3 now supports 4K streaming from the Netflix video service.

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