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Ever since AT&T took over DirecTV, they are trying to get more subscribers with a lot of offers and packages. The latest is an offer to new DirecTV customers – a brand new iPhone 6S Plus.

The battle between DirecTV vs Dish is always a talk in the media. Now, with this new and interesting tactic, the battle has become more interesting. So, if you are planning to switch to DirecTV, you are not only getting the subscription – you are also getting a brand new gadget in your hands.

The deal as per reports is now available in the Midwest and a few Eastern states. This is how the deal works:

The offer is not valid for existing customers, i.e., it is not available for customers who have already signed up for any DirecTV packages. This is for new customers. So, if you are new to DirecTV, sign up for the service first. The next thing you need to do is buy an iPhone 6S 16GB model by yourself.

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Make sure that you buy the 16GB model, as the offer is only valid for that. AT&T will then pay you the amount spent for buying the phone as 30 monthly DirecTV credits. That is, you won’t need to pay for your DirecTV service for about two and a half years!

There is also another offer that AT&T provides, if you are planning to buy an iPhone for everyone in the family, or if you want to upgrade some to the new iPhone model. AT&T offers 50% off on further iPhone purchases once you have completed the first deal. This is an additional offer for iPhones, which you will get if you are switching to DirecTV soon.

The offer is one of latest AT&T deals to bring in more customers for their DirecTV service. This is also one of the biggest deals that have been offered in the television industry since sometime. Usually, offers come in as credits, extra data usage, fixed monthly pricing, or such; but AT&T has changed it drastically with this interesting deal.

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