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DirecTV provides bundled package options, which bring customers the choice to get satellite TV programming as well as internet service, based on their locality and availability. Each of these bundles allows selecting a channel package with internet service from one of the leading ISPs in the nation. Depending on the provider you choose, customers get different internet speeds and usage caps to meet varied needs.

A triple play bundle from DirecTV allows bundling satellite TV, high-speed internet, and home phone service, which acts together to fully connect your home. Here are a few things you would do well to know about the options DirecTV provides.

Can You Get DirecTV + Internet Without Phone Service?

DirecTV bring a variety of bundles where customers can choose just the services they need. It is possible to get a double play package with internet making up the other half, and no phone service. As already mentioned, you have some of the leading ISPs partnering with the satellite giant to bring you the highest internet speeds.

When bundling with DirecTV, it is possible to save time by getting both satellite TV and high-speed internet, both at once. Home phone service can be added to this for a triple play package. Bundling prices would change by location and availability, so find out which providers can bundle DirecTV in your area.

Can You Have DirecTV With AT&T Internet?

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Since last year, AT&T owns the DirecTV brand, and this means you can add internet from AT&T to any DirecTV package for prices as low as $15 a month for 12 months. You have to submit to 1-year Internet term and combined billing. Again, the options would be limited to your location. Call your nearest DirecTV distributor to see what kind of internet speeds you can get where you live.

What Are The Benefits Of Bundling?

This option connects you to multiple services with a single phone call, while also giving you access the most advanced features included inside DirecTV’s services. There are thousands of On-Demand titles you can check out other than the channels included in the package. High-speed internet brings the option of streaming Live TV, which includes sports, movies, shows, and more on your mobile device.

Entertainment possibilities are also expanded with the DirecTV Genie, one of the most advanced DVRs available. Choose the best package to get the best programming and bundle this with internet service based on the speed you require.

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