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For an unbeatable home experience, DirecTV offers you a wide range of packages helping you by providing access to your favorite shows, sports and movies. How much ever the best service is provided, there will be some myths that will be hovering through our mind. Here we take you to some common DirecTV myths and how they are really not true and help you in separating the myth from reality.

  • DirecTV installation and services is expensive.

No startup cost is involved and you can choose the DirecTV package according to your budget. In fact, for getting a satisfied and long term customer they would provide you everything in free.

  • Bad weather may interrupt the signal reception.

Typically bad whether does not interrupt the overall quality of the reception. High quality digit signal is available 99% of the time.

  • Cable TV is more widely available than DirecTV

Cable TV doesn’t have all its programs that are digitally enhanced. In contrast DirecTV offers you a full digital enhanced entertainment.

  • Inhome services is not available.

This is an odd misconception. Infact the service is available nation wide.

  • Local channels not available.

Not only it provides most of the local channels, it gives the service in best digital quality.

  • Up gradation on HDTV.

Free up gradation is provided to those who has not subscribed to satellite services before.

  • Limited channel availability.

More than 200 plus HD channels are available in DirecTV

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  • Cable signals are superior than DirecTV.

The quality of picture offered by DirecTV is high than the cable.

  • Repair cost is more.

24/7 technical support is available and they assist you in getting issues fixed. Different home protection plans are also available.


The myth will continue you to persist. However take your time to find whether DirecTV is the right choice for your entertainment and budget.Technology is so advanced that you can even bundle the package with internet services for a wide range of entertainment experiences. Different packages including entertainment package, choice package, xtra packages etc. are available. Choose the one that fits you the best and get more entertainment for you and your family.

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