Which One Will Be Best For A New User – Dish Or DirecTV?

DirecTV Vs Dish
Dish Network Packages

There are many reasons to compare the two television giants, DirecTV vs Dish Network. Both of these service providers have a subscriber base of more than 10 billion and have their presence not only in television broadcasting, but also in other related fields like mass communication. Keeping these things in mind, it will be very perplexing for a new user to choose between the two.

Comparing Dish Vs DirecTV

Addition of new products to the services will leave consumers confused on choosing which service provider that is better than the other. Choosing a service provider can be even more confusing if the customer has not tried any satellite TV subscription before, as all the offers can seem to be attractive.

It is good to put the service providers on test to know which of them is better. The DirecTV Vs Dish comparison of offers shared below will help you decide the prefect service provider for your needs.


Exclusivity is the main selling point for DirecTV. They offer a general entertainment network called ‘Audience Network’ exclusively for their subscribers. DirecTV subscription also offers exclusive access to sports packages like the NASCAR HotPass and NFL Sunday Ticket. In addition, DirecTV offers more HD channels than any other service provider does.

DirecTV offers more packages to choose from for the average user than other providers do. Key features offered by DirecTV include:

  • Streaming services
  • Live TV on mobile
  • Smart apps
  • DVR with 1 TB storage

Dish Network

DirecTV Packages
NFL Sunday Ticket

The highlight of Dish Network is the crisp and clear picture quality that they offer. They offer most of the local and international channels in their packages, which are very much affordable. Additionally, the startup Dish Network packages are also cheaper than those offered by DirecTV, and they also offer deals like free installation to new customers.

Apparently, Dish is the cheapest one of the two options. Other than that, some important features offered are:

  • Affordable packages
  • DVR that has a capacity of 2 TB
  • Remote locator
  • International channels

These are some of the important offerings from Dish Network and DirecTV services. Pick the one that suits your needs the best.

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