Dish Network And Rovi Corp Enters 10-Year Agreement

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Rovi Corporation recently announced that they have signed a 10-year patent renewal agreement with Dish Network LLC., which is a subsidiary of Dish Network Corporation. In addition to patent renewal, the agreement will allow Dish to continue license to the Conversation Services natural language platform of Rovi and many other products.

Tom Carson, who is the president and CEO of Rovi said, “Our renewal with DISH further validates the long-term value and relevance of our intellectual property portfolio, reinforcing the importance of Rovi’s intellectual property (IP) with both traditional and next-generation pay-TV service providers. With this most recent renewal, Rovi now has nine of the top 10 U.S. pay-TV operators under license, with significant recent momentum, as seven of those agreements have been signed over the last seven quarters.”

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Rovi’s investment in research and development has enabled them to come up with one of the world’s leading entertainment and media patent products. They have been researching in entertainment products for more than twenty-five years. The company has been committed to innovation and this has helped them deliver products that touch practically all the aspects of user’s daily interaction with entertainment. This has also helped licensees to make customized and innovative digital entertainment solutions for the different subscribers across the globe.

The patent license renewal between Rovi and Dish is subject to some contingencies that are related to the closing of acquisition of TiVo Inc by Rovi. It is expected that the acquisition will become effective from September 7, 2016, subject to getting the approval of Rovi and TiVo stockholders and satisfaction of many other closing conditions of customers.

As per the patent license agreement, Dish will pay Rovi for the period from April 5, 2016 on a monthly per user fee. With the deal with Dish, Rovi has deals made or renewed with nine of the top ten pay TV service providers in the country.

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