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This year’s CES came with some cool revelations in the world of video sharing. Press announcements were generally mute for long though, because both Samsung and Dish Network kept a low profile related to this. Yet we now know that moving content between Samsung and Dish devices is made easy with the latest tech incorporated into Samsung’s M9500 Ultra HD BluRay player and Dish Network’s Hopper satellite TV receivers. The tech even makes it possible to access them from other screens and locations.

Samsung’s videodisc player comes with many advanced features, the most notable one being the built-in Bluetooth transmitter. This is the first of its kind among such devices and it can transmit content seamlessly to other devices. A Samsung demonstrator explained the concept in a briefing at the event.

“So even though the disc player is wired to the living room system and the grownups are monopolizing that TV, their kids can put in a disc (or maybe call up a stream) and go watch it in their bedroom,” the official said. This is definitely a great addition over conventional audio/video players that could only receive content cast from other devices like smartphones, tablets etc.

The ‘Dish Anywhere’ feature included into Dish Hopper receivers offers a different set of features. It can enable users to cast their live and DVR recorded content from a Hopper device to Amazon Fire TV sticks remotely. This means that anyone within the range of good WiFi signal offering a streaming speed of 2.5 Mbps can access it properly. It is revolutionary, since the content can be accessible by users on TV located in another room easily.

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Advancements In Video Sharing

A CES booth expert shared his ideas about the other possibilities of the system. According to him, “In a hotel room, you’ll plug a Fire Stick into the TV, connect to the visitor Wi-Fi, enter your user name and password and then call up a menu that looks like your Dish program guide at home. Or you could put that Fire Stick on a TV set in your garage, so you can work on the car and still watch the big game.”

The CES event also witnessed the launch of another innovative streaming video box called AirTV Player by Dish Network. The easy-to-setup feature and new voice activated remote attracted many to this 99-dollar receiver. With additional charges, this streaming device also offers a tuner stick that makes it possible to blend content from both on air and popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Sling TV, and YouTube.

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