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Dish Network and their corporate cousin EchoStar are nearing the retail launch of the new product Sling AirTV. This new product t is aimed to integrate over-the-air broadcast TV with the OTT service of Sling TV. As per reports, the product makes use of Slingbox M1/M2 form factor and will cost 149.99 dollars.

It is rumored that Sling AirTV will be launched by next month, but Dish declined to comment on the release of the product. A draft listing about Sling AirTV on Amazon says, “With AirTV and an HD antenna, you can stream live local programming, news and your local sports anywhere in your home using the free Sling TV app and its integrated program guide. No paid contracts-just free local TV on any compatible device. And if you want more channels, you can subscribe to paid Sling TV packages-all from the same app.”

Dish Network
Sling Network

As per available resources, it seems that Dish and EchoStar had been targeting to launch the product by late spring of 2016, but now it is rumored that AirTV is on track for September release. Even without offering AirTV, Sling TV from Dish has been progressing in different ways to supply local TV programming for the viewers.

In the month of January, Sling TV launched an app on Channel Master’s DVR+ platform, which is a subscription free DVR that integrates over-the-air TV tuning capabilities and broadband connectivity. The multi stream Blue tier of Sling is available for 25 dollars a month and offers local NBC and Fox networks in some of the markets, along with local NBC feed in Fresno – Visalia, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Raleigh-Durham, Philadelphia, and San Francisco through Broadcast Extra add-on package. This package will cost an additional 5 dollars per month.

Experts expect Sling AirTV to be a game changer and are eagerly waiting for its launch. With this product, Sling will have a strong hold on local programming also.

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