Some Dish TV Deals To Lookout For This Summer

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Most times, it is easy enough to choose the best TV plans after comparing options, even when they are from different providers. But if you are not used to doing it, it can be confusing matching up services based on different points. Some people go by just the number of channels, while others have their eye on attractive deal pricing. For some, it is both, where there are others, who consider various other factors before making a pick.

What Dish Offers

  • You get a higher number of channels on a lower monthly fee.
  • There is a whole-home HD-DVR setup with every package. The latest DVR they are providing is Hopper 3.
  • You can watch TV live, as well as prerecorded.

When comparing Dish vs DirecTV, the former wins in terms of affordability. Pricing on their packages is one of the most popular aspects consumers are drawn to, such as with America’s Top 120, which is a lot like the DirecTV Choice package.

Why It Is More Expensive

DirecTV often says they provide more options than Dish does, and that this is why their services come at a higher price. For many consumers however, value is decided by different benchmark, like the number of channels available at a low price.

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For those that are new to Sat-TV, there are many things Dish and DirecTV have in common. Both of them have an expansive channel lineup for one, and also whole-home DVR. If you choose Dish, the DVR system is a lot more feature-packed. Dish also gives DVR use without charging extra.

Under home integration, Dish Network allows watching programming on more than just the TV – you could be doing it on a phone or tablet. They have an app called Dish Anywhere, which keeps you connected while on the go, so you are essentially carrying a TV around in your pocket.

Signal Strength

With satellite TV, stronger signals make for better viewing. Dish delivers in this area, as is evident from the rarity of complaints from the millions of homes it services. The service gives a guarantee of 99.9% signal uptime.

A lot of these things here will make you want to get a Dish subscription without further thought. But a detailed comparison never hurt anyone, so that is probably the approach you should be taking.

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